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John T. with Miami Dolphin Larry Csonka





Very excited about building my business with you.  I plan on being a top producer.         John T.

Hey Andy!
I wrote 2 apps for ING Life Insurance yesterday. One was for 10 year term $150,000 and another for a 20 year term $500,000.  I also took an app from a woman who called me during your lecture; 55 years of age. Hope your having a great day!   John T


Hi Andy,
What a day!
I just wanted to share with you how this business can suprise you and the deals can just roll in at anytime.
Today, I started with moving my office into a designated (office only) part of the house.  I just couldn't perform the work
needed to be done in such a small space and I just grew out of it.  I had one client that was sceduled to call me about her ING Life Insurance
App. but that was all the business I expected today since I was busy re routing telephone, Hi Speed Internet lines, and moving office furniture.
My appointment called and we completed the Life Insurance App. She then said that she was going to refer me to one of her
friends because I took care of it all and made it so easy... Then Boom!  I get a call from a person who is fed up with Assurant and is paying out the
rear end on there HSA.  Then I educated him a little and told him about the new Brokerage Account you can obtain through setting up an HSA
with me and Boom! I get the BOR and then perhaps the United HSA 100 in the future.
Andy, it fells like I actually did nothing to get the business today because most of it was spent in setting up my new office..
I love this business and I can't thank you enough for teaching me the business.
Once again thanks..    John T.