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The Pajama Man | Drew Ross | The Pajama Man School

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My name is Drew Ross. I am Mr. Insurance of Nevada, and I am The Pajama-Man.

You may ask, "What do you mean, "The Pajama-Man?" Well, let me give you my background, and then you'll know the how, why and when of The Pajama-Man title and story.

I had been working from my home since December 1992. From 1992 until 2004, I was a successful telecom reseller, earning a great residual income. But, the bottom fell out. When the telephone rates decreased over the years, the telecom industry melted down. My telecom residuals were going south. The Pajama-Man  was in trouble. Big trouble. The thought of going out and looking for a job was terrifying. I knew that if I worked for someone else, I could never earn the kind of money that my family needed for a good education and our present lifestyle. Also, after working at home in my own business for 12 years, I didn't think I was employable.

I faced the hard truth; I needed a new career. I had to find a job. I thought about it. What kind of job did I want? Eventually, the answer came in the form of insurance--the kind of business that could keep me in my work-at-home mode and pay me residual income.

From studying the literature, eventually I knew that I could create a successful format. And I did! I was able to apply what I learned from my telecom career to the ever-expanding business of health insurance! The more I worked it, the more I was convinced that I could find a secure future for my wife and three children.

Today,  months of my being in the insurance business, I am known as Mr. Insurance of Nevada; it was my wife, Andee, that designated me The Pajama-Man." She got it right! I am in my 18th year of being The Pajama-Man! (I NEVER leave my home office, I shave when I choose; I wear loose, pajama-like clothes).

Let me share with you the fact that the demand for health insurance is incredible! My business is hand over fist.  My prospective clients want health insurance NOW. I do not cold-call or chase business. It ALL comes to me. The potential clients are serious, and they are ready to buy. All transactions are either on the telephone, fax, e-mail, and/or regular mail.

I have a unique system that averages $500 a day in written business or two to three application daily. My residual income grow $50-$75 daily. AGAIN, there is NO COLD CALLING OR WORKING YOUR WARM MARKET! I never leave my home ... let me repeat that again, I NEVER LEAVE MY HOME.

I am proud to say that I am the number one producing broker from a group of over 1000 independent brokers. These 1000 plus independent brokers represent the largest insurance company in Nevada. My broker managers at these top insurance companies I represent in Nevada, would love to know how I produce so much business. They have asked me many times, "how do you do it?".  I always say the same thing ... "can't tell you" ... "it's a secret." I know they would just love to share how I do it with ALL of their brokers. Well ... it's NOT going to happen. I share my secrets with my students only, at The Pajama-Man School.

For students we accept and enroll ... we teach all of the major insurance categories. Life, health, property & casualty. We teach 30 sub insurance categories. You choose the category and where you want to focus. Our system is inter-changeable and works equally for all insurance.

Everywhere they turn my students have the opportunity to make money from their home-office. Our business is recession proof. Everyone needs health insurance. For many our school is a life changer. If enrolled as a student you will quickly understand why.

I teach you how to be the physician who quickly analyzes and prescribes for every situation. People need experts and expertise ... and you will become that person. The expert person.

In the first year, my income grew north in a straight line. This type of steady growth is built into the system that I teach. My office is spinning daily with business. My biggest problem is handling all the activity.

On this website, you can see proof of my 2006 income. It was $178,000. 2006 was my year #2 in the insurance business.

I am a skilled teacher, coach, consultant and mentor. My students hit the ground running, and no stone is left unturned in pursuit of their goals and success. Together, we celebrate their victories. I provide them with a Connect-the-Dots system that makes them a clone of me. My goal is to make every student a top producer, and goal accomplishment is what I am about. My students will confirm this, and their success. 

I train three ways: Daily interactive telephone group sessions, one-on-one sessions with my students, and thru the Pajama-Man Library. I record the daily training sessions and they can be accessed 24/7 for my students convenience. They enjoy unlimited access to the growing Pajama-Man audio/visual library. The Pajama-Man library has a wealth of knowledge and information. Everything needed for my students to clone my system is at their finger tips.

The Pajama-Man school goal is to take its students to income levels that, for many, has been only a dream ... while never leaving your home-office. Together we make the dream real.  Like I always say,"success nourishes one's self esteem."  Success is life changing. The journey is everlasting!

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   Tell me your story, and why you are interested in becoming a Pajama-Man.

If you run your business the way I teach you, you too, will be The Pajama-Man.