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Dustin and Rochelle B.

Dustin  &  Rochelle B.

rochelle b..jpg Thank you for the referral today, that was nice.  Makes me feel special.  Boy, I'm busier than a one armed drummer!  I'm truly in my nitch, thank you!!!  :-)  Much love!
Rochelle B






Rochelle, Andy & Dustin 



Dear Andy & Joan,

Just wanted to send you a thank you note for the time you took with us last week and how much we enjoyed your help and tenacious tutelage! We look forward to learning more and earning $$!! Thanks to you!
Warmest regards, Rochelle and Dustin Andy, I just started and I have 4 applications in, 7 "in the hopper", and will write 2 tonight!! Very cool!! Rochelle Have a great day, Andy, and we are so glad that we joined your school!  It's been two months now and we say it probably every other day how much we are happy with your training.  :-)   R 

Business is busy.  6 applications I'm writing today.    Rochelle B

Hi!  Since the commission checks have been rolling in, Dustin and I have been confused on how to keep track of everything.
Rochelle B.

I sold 4 policies with Humana and I am thrilled to get a check for $1,500.  It's great.  Got a BOR for a lady's $300 Assurant plan.  Love those BOR's because are so easy and lucrative.

I love this, I'm so happy to have this new career, thanks to you.

Rochelle B.

I definitely vote you #1 agent, going out of your way to service your client.  If you ever need a reference I would love the opportunity to "sing your praises."

And of course, THANKS..   Rochelle B.

Hi Andy!
Hey, last week I did 7 applications and BOR's!  Yeah for me!!  ;-)    Rochelle B