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 Home Based Business …
I never leave my home

 Trillion Dollar Industry
and Ever Expanding

 Residual … Get Paid
Every Month For Each Sale

Connect the Dots System

You Will Have a
Money Making Machine

 Be Instantly in Business
With My System

 Expert Training
with Inspiration & Motivation

For Students Only

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Company Statements
System Statement

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It is the system that puts you in business, INSTANTLY. That is a key and critical component. You will not have to leave your home office; your home office will be spinning with business from the moment you begin. There is no cold calling, no chasing business, and no frustration with not being busy! You can throttle up or down as the question will be:

How much business do you want to write each day, week and month!

Mission Statement

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The Pajama-Man School is a career opportunity where students are  expertly taught how to PRESCRIBE, EDUCATE, PROBLEM SOLVE, and TRULY HELP PEOPLE, while GROWING a MASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME STREAM! We will accomplish this by sharing a system with you that will put you INSTANTY in business! A system that the TOP PRODUCER of over 1000 independent producers uses and EVERYONE wants to learn! A SYSTEM that will drive your business toward your personal financial goals! In summary you will receive an education where no stone is left unturned to insure that you have EVERY opportunity to grow your multiple income streamed business without limitation!