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Butch B.

Andy, I just wanted to share my first week, actually turning on the business.  This is just working it @ night and on Saturday. I am very pleased.  No telling how many leads that will coming in that’s been looking … I am Thrilled!!
Thanks. I am going to be number one. Thanks to Andy!!!

Hey Andy,

I am having a blast. I love helping people. Love the system. Thank you and keep the information coming.

Andy,Two more apps "closed" since I e-mailed you earlier today.  My e-mails to prospects are very powerful, utilizing the key words you have taught me. With my "crazy" schedule, I can only imagine what will happen when I go "full bore".Thanks again, Butch

Received my first referral this morning from one of the ladies on her way to work.   She said that there are over 350 people at this factory that they are going to recommend me for their insurance needs.  You just never know, who the next client is going to be ….. Butch


"I just want to thanks you"! I wrote 3 more applications today! This thing is snowballing on me! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Butch

Your training of the day is a good idea. Just last week, I quoted health insurance for a man that moved from Virginia, His forte was financial advisor/retirement. I helped him with his 33 year old son that was epileptic. He was so delighted that I had options, for his son. I am now his referral man for Health Insurance.

You just never know the next opportunity awaiting.