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Al W.

 Andy, "I am crushing it" with Life Insurance! Al


My dear friend,
I have learned so many great and valuable lessons from you in the very short time I have known you. That’s the truth. I believe I am one of your oldest students, that mean’s I have probably had more life experiences than most of your other students.
 I have met so many people in my life that claim to be one thing and turn out to be something else. So many times that leads to such disappointment, I see that especially in the martial arts world. But not you. You give so much! My life is better because of our association. My son Lee is the kind of son that every parent would love have and you are the kind of adult that so many try to be like. You are  a great example and roll model for all of us. So Andy, a heart felt thank you! Al

As always, I am very grateful for all you have done for me and I will ALWAYS support your school in any way I can. You are such a dear friend and brother.

Andy, I am so excited to be a part of your group

Andy, there is no question that there is power in numbers, everyone knows this. Most people don’t know this but MDRT is the TOP 6% of the financial services agents in the world. As a member of this organization I see and have seen the power that they are able to project in our industry. Qualifying for MDRT is no small feat. And as  NEW student, if there is room for me I would love to be a part of that…… Hope your birthday was a GREAT one…. Take to you later, Al Woods

You’re very kind and a real friend, thanks, Al

Really! You are a man of your word which is rare these days, and I know you are right when you talk about how to be successful in this business. I wrote an EIA today (made $4,000.00) . Thank you very much. Al

Discipline is the BRIDGE between Goals and Accomplishments.  Get in the chair that’s the discipline. We need to just DO IT!

WOW! Big A… FOUR bagger! Two life’s and two Assuring health…. Nice way to end a week! Have nice week end, Al