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Lori C.

fallon2clori2cbryan.jpg Good Morning Andy,

Thank you for taking the time to work with me, I really appreciate it.
I realize now, that trying to take shortcuts is NOT the way to go. Again, thank you.
I will work diligently to learn my plans and where to put clients and will be ready for Wednesday's call.
Thanks again!

Lori C - The Health Insurance Lady

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to let you know that I am working and making progress. I sold 2 life policies (1m/$1400 in commission, and 200k/150.00 in commission) this week, and one BC/BS policy at $377.00/mo. premium.

I also have taken over a small group that will convert to an individual plan through BC/BS effective 1/09 at over $1,000.00/mo premium.

I'm getting much more comfortable with the script and talking to people.

Thanks Andy, have a great weekend.

Lori C
Andy, I am "rockin' and rollin'" with Life Insurance. Lori C