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Jennifer V.

Hello Andy,
I was afraid I was going to get too busy to handle my full time job and
family(new baby) plus my new business and everything else in my life. I am
very busy now with applications doing it all part time but I LOVE IT!
The overwhelming feeling of YES another one! 6 on my money pad 10 in the
hopper and I haven't even finished answering my voice mail for call backs. Not
enough hours in the day to help everyone.
I hope you and and your family are doing well.
Always the BEST VALUE......

Jennifer V


Hi Andy,

It is happening soooo quickly. Business is evolving I was at 6 a week ago and now I'm up to 15. Couple hours here and a couple hours there- (Just Part Time) manageable for me. Pipelines are filling. My voicemail never empty. 
Always the Best Value ...

Got home early and did my first BOR with aetna $541. It was easier than I thought.