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Phil C.


I have submitted another Life Insurance application! Phil

ANDY, You're correct... PJM is definitely worth it, and its worth everything to work for. Thanks for your  inspiration card and your thought. Something as simple as this card (especially time like this) will be an inspiration for me every morning until I am there...! To learn a trade that can help other people with their live is what PJM is all about, to me... just the thought of this is very satisfying, but the kicker is, the financial backend reward is second to none. Again, thank you for allowing me to work with the best...

I just came on-line 5 minutes before you call the lady... really great session.

There are not too many people out there… Who have a real heart to want to help others. But ANDY you do… Not only that it is real, but also it is a very genuine…..I sincerely believe you are one of the best…
My Hats off to you ... Phil C.  


Love this stuff, keep it going!!!!!!!! Phil C