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Renee S.

 Renee S. Hi Andy,
I got your message, I was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, and sorry I missed you!
Hope you're having a “Great Day”.
I have been on the last couple of nights, got on late but have really enjoyed the calls.  I like the way you run your business, I think that is the reason I was attracted to it. You do the right thing and believe in what you are doing. I really like the idea of helping people with buying the right car or buying the right insurance.  People buy from me because I develop relationships with them and they trust me! Your process is smooth because you believe in your product. I will not have any trouble with any of that.

Thank you for being something real that we can believe in. I looked at so many things that were not real. You are a very unique person, don't ever lose that! You have a true gift!
Thanks for all you do for us!
ps. I will talk to you soon, I will be in tomorrows class!  Have a great day!  I have 4 or 5 health insurance policies working and 3 or 4 life insurance policies working. So wish me luck!