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Liz V.

 Andy, I am another Andy, I am writing applications like crazy!!  I am turning into another Andy Ross.

I have talked to a few people about what I am doing and I would love to refer them to you. Sales / Helping people getting to a better place is my business. I have really prayed about finding something that I would have the passion for and God has answered my prayers.  I know you are passionate about it about your school.
You are inspiring and a gift.  When you said that you would rather do what was right and be good to the client then make $. You confirmed to me that I came to the right man for training.

My money pad is growing!

Thank you for all your support. You are a very wonderful person and businessman. Everytime I speak to you I get amazed how your integrity, honor is never under fault. You make me happy that I am working with such an outstanding guy. I know why I bought into YOU (The pajama man) ...  because you are EXCELLENT and speak with conviction, and are so passionate. I am soooo excited not just for myself but for everyone. I know 2008 is going to be a record year for us all.

One thing that I think it very important for everyone to know. "Believe in Yourself First". They can either say I will do it or I am going to do it. I KNOW WE ALL WILL SUCCEED BECAUSE OF YOUR TEACHING.