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Joe T.

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Melvin L.

 Mervin L. Andy,

The system works! I am writing application after application!

They love me!

Just want to tell you how busy and successful I am.

Have so much to do!!
 I started out wanting to market Andy and the Pajama-Man program, and I was so impressed with what I was marketing that I became one of Andy's students. I am thrilled I have. I am writing application after application. The training and system Andy has provided me works, and has worked beyond belief. Thanks Andy, for being my coach, mentor and friend! I have so much to do and I love it!!

Well, it's 11:19PM and I just finished writing my second health Insurance application for the day and I only worked half a day. When I was a captive agent, I was lucky if I wrote three applications in one week! Your system really works my friend and your students are lucky to be here!

 I So Rock