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Sandra C.

Andy Ross and Sandra C. Andy:
Wrote my first application. $284 premium. The train just took off from the station! Thanks for all of your help and guidance. You were a life saver for me! 
Thanks for a great call a moment ago.  I'm loving this already.  It's so nice to actually feel apart of the group and to have interactions with you and everyone.   I like your humor, your teaching style and look forward to each call.
Thanks for making me feel welcome!


 Andy Ross, The Pajama-Man
Hi Andy:
Thank you so much for having me over yesterday.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, but I was so glad to have met you. It meant a lot to me that you allow your students to come and see you and your set up.  I know you've got your hands full and time is precious, so again, thanks for taking a couple of hours out of your day to meet me and show me around. Stephanie is as nice as you always say she is. 
Looking forward to a bit of fun here in Vegas, then next week, really hitting the ground running and putting everything I've got into making this new venture work.
Thanks! Yoda, Jedi Master!

Thanks Andy!
I am so excited about this business. Like William said in class tonight, I'm living and breathing this business even as a brand new student.  And not because insurance is exciting. It's all you. The energy, excitement and confidence you have for yourself and for us is so contagious. My friends and family are saying "You've worked in the Film and TV industry now for years, and that's suppose to be an exciting business, but we've never heard you this happy or excited about that industry, what gives with the insurance?" I just tell them I can't nail it down yet, but I feel a weight lifted and I feel such support and such a feeling of belonging to something good and honest and real that it just breeds excitement. Thanks! I'll send you a progress report tomorrow on how I'm doing and where I am with things.
A gift from Sandra to Andy: Ball on the tee - the impossible task - I did it!

Hi Andy!! 
Hope you're doing well.  Things are great on this end.  Working away and keeping busy.  Doing both health and now life, so never a dull or slow moment.  I think about you and Joan often and hope you're both well.  Always reading the emails to see what new things you and the group are up to.  You are an Energizer Bunny Andy! 
May be in Vegas for the Madness Finals.  If so, I'll let you know. Sandra