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Who We Are and What We Do

"Who We Are" and "What We Do"


"The insurance companies have created a "grid" to trap the market-place in their "maze". Our responsibility is to direct the prospective clients "to where they belong" or "to the right program, plan and product."


Simply said, we are educators NOT sales people. We educate the market place as the "insurance companies" "public" and our "competition" have it WRONG.


So, in educating our market places a "healthy obligation" is created between our prospective clients and ourselves. We deliver an "education" that is so desperately needed, and in turn the market place gives us their business or as I we like to say, "They throw money at us" for a living.

Our Insurance World - "Income Everywhere We Turn"


Individual Health Insurance Market- huge demand / residual income / multiple applications per day / cash cow / great traffic producer


Short Term Health Insurance - allows most everyone to get covered / very strong market / residual / cash cow / great traffic producer


Group Health Insurance Market - "largest demand or 200 million strong" / we guarantee 50% savings / residual income / cash cow /


PJM Life Insurance - We have created a life insurance product that is exclusively for the PJM student / stream lined / cash advance / cash cow


Life Insurance - Write a policy for $10,000 and earn approximately * $10,000 "right now"   (can vary based on product and price point) / residual / cash cow


Medicare Supplements - 20%-30% commissions and residual income / over 65 year old group "must have" / cash cow / we tie this in with final expense (burial) and it is a "double barrel" income earner


Critical Illness - “a natural add-on with every sale" / residual / great traffic producer


Limited Benefit Insurance- huge market / huge residual commissions  / diabetes / cancer / maternity / all uninsured-ables / * 100 apps = approximately $5000 income per month (can vary based on product and price point)  / cash cow 


Dental Insurance - everyone needs / residual income / covers your monthly over-head / strong daily "trickle effect and passive income"


Health Savings Accounts - residual income / great educational opportunity / mass appeal


Final Expense Insurance - strong demand / strong growth market / residual income / cash cow


Property and Casualty Insurance- strong demand / required by law (auto)/ huge residual market / creates allot of opportunity


Auto Insurance - mandated by law / residual income / everyone wants a "quote" / cash cow


Homeowners Insurance - great demand /  residual income / cross sell opportunity


Everything Insurance - earthquake / flood / inland marine / water-crafts / mobile homes / personal and business liability / renters / motorcycle / RV's / personal and business umbrella / workers comp / annuities


Give Give Give ... That is Who We Are


We feel there are two types of people, "the giver" and "the taker". We are the supreme "giver"!


"How can I provide more value? How can I give to others, to my teammates, employees, clients? What can I do to make it better?" Winners always give 10 times more value than they ask for in return.


At our school you learn ... "how to be a great giver" and to get paid well for being this person!



Income Everywhere We Turn


That is who we are and what we do! You have the option to "earn" in one "vertical" or "space" ... some or all of them. Income opportunities vary. My feeling is that in time you should learn all of the "insurance businesses" so as the "traffic" comes through the "door" you are able to slot the prospective client into each or all insurance "verticals". Multiple income streams are the key here. It is not easy to be "all things" to "all prospects" ... "all of the time", BUT is sure is nice to have that option.



Recession Proof


Yes our business is recession proof. The market-place is "over-paying". "They have it wrong" and we are here to educate, prescribe and write business ... a ton of business! In other words "we are the get it right people".


So, while we (very much) empathies that we are in a tough economy ... this tough economy has created more business for us! Everyone from the individual to the business owner MUST save money NOW! We are fortunate as we get the opportunity to be "the hero" in the market-place and get paid so well for doing it!



Teach Me Back Method / "That is how I know you really have it"


How do I make sure "you really have it"? How do we make sure the market-place does as well? The answer is you "teach me back" and confirm the transformation is complete ... you have gone from "student to teacher". There are many teaching moments while working with the prospect as opposed to many "selling" moments. You will master these and create significant traction in your business by doing this!



The Money Making Gene


This is a critical component to "what I do"! Many students come to me with this "gene" in their "make-up", and some do not! I wear many "hats" here at The PJM School LTD ...  mentor, teacher, confidant, coach, friend and for some students it seems more ... BUT I feel the most important "hat" is "how to earn a fortune in residual income from your home-office". Execution is so vital to your success, and wasting time is nowhere to be found on our "to do" lists. I preach, teach and ultimately deliver THE "money making gene" that has been THE key ingredient in my almost 20 year successful home-based residual income career. So ... IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY MAKING GENE WHEN YOU COME TO ME, I CAN ASSURE YOU ... YOU WILL NOT GRADUATE WITHOUT IT!



Psychology of the Game / How to Succeed and Thrive


I feel it is NOT just the teaching of the "nuts and bolts" of the business and industry that make us or our school "special and unique" ... it is also has to be the “psychology" of "how to work a home-based business"! I have been home-based for almost 20 years and my students MUST learn how I do it. The "psychology" of the marketplace, clients, prospective clients, the carriers we do business with, the support people we work with, the day to day handling of the business, the people skills, the dynamics of your skill sets and how to build upon them and how the "work day" must be handled all make up "how you succeed". There is a "mental" aspect to this and I "preach and teach" this daily. We are not here to go through the "motions", but rather we are here to "help" people OR serve the public. In return WE receive a growing business that yields great rewards ... on so many levels.


In addition I teach how to see it coming from a "mile" away or what I can the "soothsayer effect”, as this gives you an advantage others do not have. Almost 20 years working from home has brought me experience that MUST be shared with you as I "fast forward" your career, and teach you the "psychology" of the game! In a short few months I want you to "sound and appear" that you have been "at it" for 20 years!



The Anti-Insurance Company / "That is who we are"


We "love" and clearly need the insurance companies for all they do ... BUT we also are the people that expose the flaws in their system and specifically in their pricing grids. So rather than "sell" all the virtues we are quick to "unmask" these flaws AND the "flawed" issues in the overall market-place, which creates trust and demand for YOUR services. If we only painted a "blue sky", we would be seen or lumped in with our rather weak competition. When we "tell it like it is", our personal stock with the prospect zooms north and we then get our share of the deals!



Pyramid of Knowledge / "Once you reach the top you are THE Teacher"


When a student begins at our school they are at the bottom of the "educational pyramid". We all know that at the bottom of a pyramid is the widest two points. As we move up through the pyramid it becomes more "narrow", until we reach the top where the two points have "intersected". Once you reach the top or the summit you are "the teacher"! I do not overwhelm the prospects with information or knowledge ... "it is the opposite" ... I teach the market place what they need to know, as they need to know it, and as they peel back the "onion", you being that "onion". The market-place learns your breadth of knowledge is astonishing! So is what they are buying ... YOU and a long term relationship with you! I see this as tremendous value for your client and many income dollars for you.



Coiled Spring Effect


This is what your business should look and feel like ... "a coiled spring". We keep pounding in the business prospects and like any "compactor" ... once full the business springs out the other side. It is just like a "tennis ball" pulled down or sub-merged in water ... the more you pull the tennis ball down the more in surges back toward the surface once released. The key is working the numbers and creating "The Coiled Spring Effect".



Bundled Sales - We are a Virtual Insurance Store


We have a "virtual insurance store". We drive "traffic" through our stores with a variety of products. We have the luxury of bundling these products which allows us increased commissions. My favorite is the Short Term Health bundled with the Critical Illness program and the Simple Term Life Insurance program. Two sales a day earns more than $500 a day. Strong producers write 5 deals a day and more. We strive for at least $1000 a day on this program and it is rare we do not meet and exceed this goal.



By Air, Land and Sea 


Air, Land and Sea is my teaching philosophy. My theory is (me and the PJM team), "hit you from all directions" and in a short period of time your education "simply put" just "sticks". You sound and operate as a top, top producer should. I am available from 6:00AM until 10:00PM daily. We have multiple classes daily and "each and every" class is labeled and recorded (so you can listen to whenever you would like). The TOD or the "training of the day" goes out each morning. The PJM library has all of the curriculum for your accessing 24 / 7. The PJM library material is written or in writing and is also in audio to give you the option of reading, listening or both. We have market and product specific teachers that are expert in their field. I feel "no stone is left unturned" in our pursuit to "make" your education simple and efficient. Our goal? How quickly can we get you in "the chair" earning income? The answer? As quickly as you want to "move" or make it happen. So, you learn with a "drip, drip, drip approach" as you wake up one morning sooner than later and say, "golly, I can speak this business, just as Drew said I would be able to" ... "great, I am ready to go".



The Residual Effect


The word "residual" applies to our business on several "fronts". Of course residual income comes to mind first and foremost and clearly has all of our attention! However one cannot lose site of the residual effect of "all we do" in our business. "The" working with prospective clients creates a wonderful "residual effect", as they "love" us for what we do for them, and more than any industry I have been a part of in my career ... they refer deal after deal! It clearly seems like every "move" we make creates another opportunity and our students learn how in turn the "residual effect" kicks in! Health insurance leads to life insurance which leads to property and casualty insurance and the "beat" just keeps "beating on”! Individual insurance leads to group insurance which leads to a "vice versa" effect ... which leads to "limited benefit" insurance and the "beat" just keeps "beating on"! I think you get the point ... everywhere you turn there are deals to be made, as the residual effect kicks into high gear!



Store Front Effect


I see our businesses as a "store" or THE "insurance store" in my "mind’s eye". I see my store broken into "sections" which are the many verticals or businesses we are in, and the "aisles" which differentiate the carriers and programs. I love being in the insurance business as I get to cater to the market-place with so many opportunities that are in such great demand. I take my "prospective clients" through my store ALL ON THE PHONE. I am a "retail man" in a residual business. I get my "numbers" everyday, and then get paid over and over for each day’s effort. So, in my "mind" I have a store, and in my store I cater to the traffic. The great news is my store is down the hall and around the corner from my bedroom. Not bad!



Time Management - Time is money


This is an important subject as it pertains to daily execution and maximizing income. I teach this in detail because there is just so much opportunity in the insurance field that it is critical the student manages their time wisely or if we are not careful "the time will manage us", and cost us valuable execution hours and ultimately income. Let me continue ... by saying;


Time management is such an important aspect of what I teach. Time "not handled correctly" can be our number one enemy. We are so busy managing our businesses that is we are not careful "time" will slip away on the WRONG priorities. I preach and teach that if we are not using your time correctly it will cost you. For example one "lost" application per week amounts to $25,000 a year in lost income. Clearly this is not acceptable and "managing" your time wisely MUST be taught by me, so you maximize your income and income streams! How do I do this? The answer is "my many years of experience" are used as your guide to "side-step" costly "time usage" mistakes. Until you "climb" the ladder of success I am and must be adamant that "you do it my way" ... "if you do not" ... what is the sense?



"Glue" To Our Program - All classes are recorded for 24 / 7 availability


I feel the key to our school's success is our daily classes. We have two ... one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. The classes are attended by the student in training and our alumni-graduates. I deliver a "performance" that is more than just "nuts and bolts". It involves all of the elements that make us who we are ... THE EXPERT ... not "an expert"! My repetitious, preacher man approach has served us well. Each class is very important to us, and to have alumni-graduates who have been with us for years attend, even though they are top top producers ... under-scores how they feel about "coming back for more". All classes are recorded so if a student "misses" ... not to worry ... it is available in the PJM library for 24 / 7 access!



Three Fast Nickels are Better Than Two Slow Dimes


You will learn what this means and how it applies to us. We "close our back door" as not to allow business to "escape" OR to let competition to pick us off. "Margin" is like a "tail of the kite" ... if the tail is too long or too short the kite will not fly. While our average ticket is smaller, we write multiple deals a day while our competition writes 3 deal a week. Like I said, "three fast nickels are better than two slow dimes".



Good Student and How to Be One  


The key to being a strong producer is simply "being a good student". I am proud to say since we are selective and because we have a good process for student selection ... our students are just that ... "great students"! However, not every person comes with the "good student skills" that I feel are important for maximum growth. I identify the "weakness" and turn this weakness into a "strength". No stone can be left unturned in "pursuit" of one’s success. The "journey of success" is educational on many fronts. "Looking within" is part of what we do. We must master our own "skill sets" and apply new ones to reach the summit. Yes, financial reward is why most of us are here, of course, BUT personal growth that comes with it MUST be important to us as well. Success is a life changer, and our self perception is part of this "change".



The Grid, How it works, Why it is Wrong, and How we use it


There are 1000 different "spots" or "places" a prospective client can enter "The Grid" as it pertains to their policy within the insurance marketplace. Therefore I say all day long, "I guarantee I can and will save you money" ... and I do!


Our students learn where to "place" the prospective client. They "love" us for our ability to "cut right to it" while saving them tens of thousands of dollars over the months and years. We are the "great" prescriber and educator, NOT the great salesman!



The Maze


We use many vocabulary words that are foreign to our competition and to our prospects. The word "maze" applies as the insurance companies use their "grids" to trap the prospects into over-paying. The insurance companies "grid and maze plan of attack" does not work for us as we "use" them as an opportunity to educate and prescribe. YES, we need the insurance companies as they are our vehicle, and YES we love that their intention is to over-charge. This creates tremendous opportunity for us. So once again we are the anti-insurance people.



The Soothsayer


You learn how to read minds (in theory). It is wonderful to be able to tell prospects "what they are doing", "what the insurance companies are doing" and "why they are all doing it", before it is told to you. This helps create trust and confidence with the prospects as "we see it coming from a mile away". I am told a number and then I can tell you "everything" you are doing "right and wrong". Often the prospect says, "how did you know that"? I say, "that is what I do", and again the trust factor goes "up and up".




By The Math - "Trust the Math" not the "Hand-shake or Smile 


We have created and continue to create reason after reason that make us better than our competition. It is a "blow out”! Our goal is to "win the battle before it is fought"!


One of the key components of our program is our "math" techniques that show the prospective client that our program is a "no brainer" for them. They love us for teaching them how to line their pocket, and not the insurance companies’ pockets! We have ten plus simple ... very simple and basic math techniques that separate us quickly and efficiently! Many times these techniques close the deal for us.



The Spread and Tipping Points Equals Maximum ROI


You learn how the insurance companies have merchandised their programs and plans. You learn where the spreads are the most narrow or most wide. From here the "tipping point" IS understood, and combined with the "circle of value" ...  "prescribing is "made easy"! The result? Maximum return on investment for your beloved prospects and application after application for you! We have "many" mantra's around here, and I feel this is a "good thing" ... as "we do what we say", we have a language "all our own" and it would seem the market-place "loves" us for it. So, I want to share one of these mantra's with you now; "Mrs. Jones (prospect) the odds of you getting in right (plan and premium) are about 500-1 (in most markets). This applies to what you are doing now and what my competition says to do"! "Mrs. Jones a simple $100 monthly mistake in premium will cost you $40,000 over the years, OR 200 months of insurance in your pocket (free)"!



Educate & Prescribe Made Simple


While the marketplace "sells" we "educate and prescribe". We are akin to a physician going from "room to room" and spending different periods of time or increments based on the prospective clients "circumstance". Our prospective clients feels our passion toward educating them as opposed to a pressure environment often created by our competition. We are so confident in our philosophies of "educating and prescribing" as we work with the market-place, that we feel the key to our success is only having to work with "the" prospective client. We have that much "confidence" in our strategies. The more people we work with the more business we write. We know we are the best at what we do! It is not "bragging" when you have the results and track record we have.



Building Relationships Means Building Income Streams


I preach and teach this mantra! Whether it is the prospective client, the client, the staff at the insurance companies or you and me ... BUILDING relationships that are strong ... "relationships"  that will carry your business to greater and greater heights. "It just can't be the right words and phrases" ... it has to be the common denominator ... PEOPLE ... "how to win them over and how to keep them for life"! As I say daily, "it is all about people"!



Intangible and Tangible


There are two areas of our business. Intangible and tangible. I want you to learn both and impress upon you that each is equally important. The "intangible" falls into the category of "words we use to describe or educate" and "tangible" falls into the category of "products". At our school you learn them both.



Build an Organization and the Organization Builds the Business


My first goal is to turn you into THE expert, NOT "an" expert! Once this is accomplished ...  you then WILL "teach me back". I want you to learn how to build an agency (optional). The benefit is there is so much business opportunity everywhere you turn that it makes sense when you hit "critical mass" you can also begin to grow the all important organization.  This helps grow and accelerate your businesses.


I was a "one man band" for over two years at the beginning of my career, and at that point it was clear to me if I wanted to continue to "grow" the way I had been I would need some help. I have found that this "help" or my organization pays for itself as it grows income without limit.


 I teach my student "all and then some" as it pertains to this important and lucrative subject! "We build an organization and the organization builds the business"!





Clearly a critical component for us. We are all about "systems” and you plugging into these systems so you can focus on what you have been taught ... "how to drive sales and build business"! My formula creates a "mix" of business coming in from all angles. My feeling is the "broader" the net, the more sales that are driven. We live in the world of "real time" and "exclusive" (leads), and while I can't go over my "secrets" here ... I can say that I am never satisfied and "making it (all) better for us is my passion". With that said ... "hand over fist" is our mantra, and "honey we are going to need a bigger boat" is the plan. I think you "get the picture".



Your Are a Business Owner


We have methods in place that sends THE "message" loud and clear who we are ... A BUSINESS OWNER! You are the "power" and we create the psychology that the market-place needs you, more than you need them. I say this "humbly" BUT it is true. One client will NOT make or break you, BUT the education you deliver NOT heard and understood by "any" single client will be costly for them.



Keeping Premiums Down for Life


While the marketplace is "screaming" ... "our premiums continue to go up and up", our clients experience the opposite. We have formulas that show the prospective client "there is no reason" for their premiums to go up over their lifetime as our clients. You learn how to separate yourself in many ways and one way is "screaming" to the marketplace a "relationship" with me means YOUR premiums will stay flat or go lower. "Mrs. Jones there is just no good reason to over-pay as in many ways while I love our insurance companies and our relationships with them, I am the ANTI-INSURANCE agency that "puts a lid on premium increases" ... "this will put thousands of dollars in your pocket over the months and years"!






Your prospective clients will say over and over ... "you are the cheapest" in town, and you will reply ... "NO", I am the best value. Our students learn the tipping point and circle of value OR how to maximize ROI for their clients. We feel "three fast nickels are better than two slow dimes", so while the "other" guy is writing three policies a week, we are writing three a day. Our pipelines are "chuck" full and the prospective clients are coming out the other side daily. Our biggest problem is "not enough time in the day", and "we may need a bigger boat" ... good problems to have indeed!



Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is Bliss and Yes, "I Trust You"


These words apply to our industry (and what we do) more than any other words I can think of! The marketplace needs us desperately as they do not have a "clue" what to do and how to do it! We are the supreme educators and we create a healthy environment of "obligation" after we "do our thing". Simply said, the prospective client feels ... "the eagle has landed" and I have met my insurance broker for life. They feel this "obligation" because you have educated them in a no pressure setting that makes them feel empowered to choose YOU because you did what the others have not ... "explained how it all works ... "the why and the why nots" ... and "where they belong and why". You showed them exactly why paying less is better. You use simple words and techniques that do the opposite of our competition. While our competition feels the need to overwhelm and confuse, we are so secure that we are "simple Simon" as we take a confusing subject for the marketplace and make it an "easy" to understand experience. The end result? "I am ready to go" ... spoken by prospect after prospect! Finally we hear so often "I trust you" ... as this is said within 10 minutes of the prospective client speaking with us. Why? Because we are THAT good and THAT strong as it pertains to the education they hear and ultimately receive. What they hear (the prospect) is so different from the "rest" THAT we "stick out" in such a good way they often say, "I trust you, let’s go"!



Swinging Pendulum in the Market-place


This defines the marketplace and our students learn how to covey this message. We "preach and teach" "this" for a living and our audience "loves" us for it! Being a "salesman" is OUT, and being the "great educator" is IN! "Mrs. Jones the one constant is "change" and one of the benefits to a relationship with me and my agency is that we "embrace" this change. The benefit to you is "staying on the cutting edge"! That is why I represent all of the house-hold names. Last year’s "hot" carrier may be this year’s "cold" carrier. So, "we are going to move you Mrs. Jones” and your prospect loves you for this (Mrs. Jones), and you love rolling back your commissions to year one. Win-Win!



Turning Over-Priced Business Plans into Lucrative Individual Business


We thrive on "picking off" the 200 million people who are on group health plans through their employer. These plans are guarantee issue and the premiums are "over priced" by the insurance companies (due to the guarantee issue aspect). Our expertise "kicks in" here, as the employer, and his employees NEED an education from us. We begin by GUARANTEEING the "market-place" that we can save them over 50% in premium dollars. Without looking at a "shred" of information that the employer will provide to you we make this bold guarantee. This guarantee gets their attention, gets our foot in the door ... and is a key income stream for us. You learn how to generate 25 individual applications from one average over-priced group plan prospect. They "line up" for us. The best part for our students is we have a system to generate call after call after call.  So, we love group business and have 200 million people to educate nationwide. Keeps us pretty busy and thriving!



Create a Healthy Obligation


You learn how to educate the market place versus "selling". When the prospect learns what the "right" move is for them they are "amazed" at how long they have had it "wrong" and they (prospect) feel a "healthy" sense of obligation to give YOU their business. We do not pressure or sell, BUT we do "tell it like it is", and operate based on circumstance. Lining the pockets of the prospect is the end result. The comment made often by our prospects is, "you are a G-d send, and where have you been all of my life"? "I have been over-paying for a lifetime". So, we deliver education and in return we get a wonderful thriving business. A good trade for all, indeed.



The Rudder


A sailboat will "slide" without a "rudder". I am my students "rudder" to their business. Wasting time and moving sideways is just not acceptable at our school. The best way to succeed is to be a good student and do what I teach you to do! I am a "fuss pot", as I want things done "my" way!  We have many tools and a wonderful staff, BUT make no mistake, I am your "producer and director", and your education and success are MY responsibility. No "rudder" the boat or business slides ... "not around here"!





There is much to learn BUT the good news is the program is "finite" and it builds upon itself. The other good news is the prospects in the market place know "nothing or so little" that this allows the student to launch and earn commissions while still training and building. We are not like a University or a traditional school as you have test after test in what seems like a "never ending cycle". Our program builds upon itself and is "stackable". So, even though there is "a lot" to learn when you begin ... in a short period of time you go from "student to teacher", and ultimately TOP PRODUCER ... "once you do the work".



Fear in the Market Place


We anticipate "fear, gripes, and a general lack of understanding by the consumer". We embrace this and hit it "head on" from the out-set. When we get "done" with the "educational" part of our presentation the prospect becomes "putty" in our hands. They learn that we are on their side of the table, as opposed to sitting across from them. It is techniques like these that has them lining up for our preacher-teacher approach. In many ways we are the "anti-insurance" people. The market place loves us for it! I often say to our classes that "I would like a nickel for every dollar of over payment in premiums and services in the market place in our country, and it is our jobs to insure our beloved clients "side-steps" this scenario"!



Add-On and The Cross Sell


We are fortunate as our business model calls for income potential "everywhere we turn". The key for us is "how to execute". Do we want to handle each "vertical" yourself? Or "farm" out certain verticals (or potential income streams) due to time and man-power constraints? For me ... I focus on health insurance with my agency. We "cross sell", life insurance, property and casualty, dental insurance and more! We also make a big "push" in a lucrative and powerful "limited benefit program" where we can help the very "health challenged" (cancer, diabetes and a lot more). So, as I always say, there is income everywhere you turn and we must pick our "poison" as it relates to time management, man-power and proper execution.



PJM Library


The PJM library is a tool that allows you to "learn" your craft in your time or schedule. Every class and webinar is recorded so attending class is not essential. Over 50% of our students begin part-time so the PJM library allows them to move at their pace.


I am known as Mr. 24/7 by the student so the combination of having me when needed ... day or night ...  as well as the many many sections (in the PJM library) that includes all curriculum in audio.... serves all of us so well. Simply put, the PJM library allows you to "leverage" your time and work at your pace, "morning, noon and night"!



Life Of Its Own


If a student "does what I tell them to do”, and "they" do ... in time their business "takes on a life of its own"! There is just no better way to "say it"! The phone is ringing, the applications are flowing in, and you are "earning" income across many verticals. Health, Life, Group, Individual, Property and Casualty Insurance, Dental, Limited Benefit Program and more. "Money" everywhere you turn as you "educate" the market-place on "how to" versus "how not to"!


Our clients love us, because we help them to understand how it ALL works ... and how to "side-step" tens of thousands of wasted premium "value" dollars that belong in their pocket, not the insurance companies. In many ways we are the "anti-insurance company", and our clients not only respond with referral after referral, they actually "love" us! The benefit to us? A business that takes on a "life of its own"!



Every Word and Nuance - How Often Does "Number One" Teach Why and How?


I became The PJ-Man almost by accident. I had grown my residual income to over $23,000 a month in little over one year, and told my wife Andee, "It is getting harder to grow my income unless I add people or build an agency  ... AND I can do this OR I can teach others to be me, THE top producer". My wife, Andee, liked the idea of me becoming THE teacher, as she quickly replied, "That is your calling, you were meant to teach, preach and coach, and they will be very fortunate to have you and I promise they will love you"! I asked, "Are you sure"? And she replied ... "I am absolutely sure"!


So, my students learn every word, every nuance from the man that is number one, and a person who loves to share "all" it takes to become number one. There was no pre-conceived idea or agenda to become The PJ-Man ... it just happened. I feel it is important to note this, as how often does a "number one" at anything share every nuance of how to become "that"?





I teach how to "brand" your insurance company and "yourself" ! Gieco has their "gecko" and your company has YOU! I want YOU to be the "brand", and in turn grow a following! When your "audience" thinks insurance, I want them to think about "YOU"! I call it turning you into "The Madonna" of the insurance world!



You will Learn How to Be a "Deal-Maker" and the "Hub"


This lesson is very important! You will learn how I have made "deals" with other insurance brokers and agencies, as well as many clients and in turn these "deals" have brought me many thousands in premium and commission dollars! You will learn how you are the "hub", and all of the "spokes" coming out from you THE "hub" adds up to a fortune of "deals"!



Group Business - "I guarantee I can save you at least 50%”! Potential ... 200 million!


Our countries way of handling health insurance is "different" than all others it seems. So many Americans count on receiving their health insurance through their employer. How often do we say, "Honey, I landed that job we were counting on, and YES, they have benefits"! The problem is group health insurance in way way over-priced. The employer and the employee are getting crushed by runaway premiums BECAUSE when they purchased the coverage it was NOT handled correctly. It is not close! The great news for us is we "pick off" so much business as we move them to individual coverage or make a lateral move toward a stronger group plan while factoring in the all important "contracted rate". We provide the education, the programs and the plans, and they deliver their employees, their spouses and children and everybody wins! Except maybe the insurance company ... well not as much as they had been winning anyway! We drive sales and since we get paid on gross premium NOT profit ... "the three fast nickels versus two slow dimes approach" AND what I call "closing your back-door" is CLEARLY "who we are and why we are pretty good at what we do"!



Training of the Day ... "Drip, Drip, Drip"!


Every morning our students receive the days "TOD" or the "Training of the Day" by e-mail. I parcel out these daily lessons to go along with our multiple daily classes and our PJM library. I call it the "drip learning effect", as each lesson soaks in and soon you become the teacher! These daily TOD's go into the PJM library so you can access when you are studying.



Women and The Female Market


Women represent three out of every 4 calls that come into your agency daily or 75%! We understand this and embrace it! We "cater" to this market because we know, "they are coming ... and we must be well prepared".


Why so many women you ask?

* Preventative Care or "the yearly exam"

* Calling for their children

* Calling for their families

* Calling for their "boss" at work

* Calling for their business

* Calling because they are just "smarter"


Since we are the "value" house ... knowing what to say and how to say it ... along with the given education on exactly how the "woman" fit into the grid or model separates us like no one else. If you know how the female "fits in" ... you have gone a long way to knowing how to merchandise each application! We are THE expert here!



Phone Mashers


At our school I teach you how to "duplicate" yourself so you can maximize your income streams. A "phone masher" costs you $200 a week, and yields 7-10 times this figure in income. The "masher" is used by the student / broker who has built their business to $10,000 per month in residual income, and wants to grow quickly ...  beyond that figure.



Dental Covers My Expenses


There are income streams to be "worked" everywhere you turn in your home-office. Dental insurance is like the "french fries" that go along with the hamburger. Everyone wants it, and the residual commission grows and grows. It does not take long for this small premium added up residually to cover your entire over-head and then some. I have earned a fortune in this "vertical".



Mrs. Jones - "I want to teach YOU how it all works"!


We are the "teacher" in the market-place. Our prospects just don't understand how it works. When we get finished they "applaud" the education they have received from us, and throw money at us, as we have created an environment that is "healthily" and of sincere dependence from the prospect toward us, versus a feeling of "sales tactics and gimmicks that will ultimately drive business away"!



"The Market-place, Integrity and You"


The market-place does not have the integrity we wish it did. Our competition IS over- selling, over-promising and under-delivering. You have medical practices offering cash deals trying to persuade people not to use their insurance because they have a "deductible". You have medical people over charging as it pertains to the 30-60-90 rule and "getting away with it"! The list goes on, BUT the great news is the prospective client "picks" us as "all roads" lead back to us, and we are there to make sure none of this happens to THEM. I love the lack of integrity as it gives me an opportunity to save the day for the market-place! A statement my clients often make?  "What would I do without you"?



Squeezing Out Revenue by the Head


This is "always" our goal. We want to take one prospective client or "situation" and turn it into many income opportunities. We do this by qualifying and filling "needs". Fewer clients needed to write more and more business. I see us like a "buffet" table ... only at our buffet you get charged for each selection. Insurance covers many "verticals", and the question is, "what are the needs of each person" who comes to your buffet?



Game of inches - Education is Stack-able


We operate as if every deal is gained by an "inch". This works well for us as we feel we often win by a "mile". This philosophy helps us to get more than our share of deals. We feel our competition "makes us look good". While they are focused on greed or higher premiums and commissions ... our focus is on the correct "prescription" and a complete education for the consumer. As the prospective client "peels" back the onion (you are the onion), you "impress at every turn". We go into the game as if we could "lose by an inch" and this attitude brings us many "wins" by a mile.



Who am I? "Everything Insurance"


I am often asked when I am "out and about" ... "what do I do for a living", as we all are? I do NOT say "I am the PJ-Man", or even speak about our school, as the school is a "labor of love for me or my passion" ... what I am is "Mr. Insurance of Nevada", or "everything insurance"! I love being this person as I have earned a fortune educating and prescribing in my market. I find the moniker "everything insurance" fits and feels good. It also quickly and efficiently explains what I do. It also makes me feel "proud", as I am not an insurance "salesman", I am a business owner!



All you need is "DRIVE"


Student candidates often ask me, "Andy, what is the key to being a success with you"? I advise them I will provide the system, the education and all you need to deliver is the DRIVE! If you give me this, I will give you a career. So, if you were thinking of this question, one that is asked most often, you have the answer!



"Womb to Tomb and I Cover It All"


We cover the market place from day one in their lives, all the way till the end. This last part sounds a little morbid, BUT it is true. Whether it is health insurance for an infant, and then adding on life insurance as they "age", dental coverage, covering their business, their employees, covering their automobile, their homes and finally covering their funeral with final expense, WE DO IT ALL!



Limited Benefit Program - "Diabetes Pays for Itself"


We want to help everyone in the market place. So, if a person has diabetes, cancer (and so on) for example we have a great program for them. A program that delivers the all important "contracted rate", and a very strong residual commission to us. The savings for the client pays for the policy. One hundred applications earn you approximately $5,000 a month ... every month. Our "motto" is ... "nobody walks" ... which means "we have a program for every person at every stage of their life!



It is simple as A to B


Yes you get a complete education. Yes you are "sharper" than everyone in the market place. Yes you can go on and on as needed "spouting" off every nuance in every way! However we keep it "simple" very simple as around here as we write application after application AND we say "it is as simple as A to B! Why? Because we are here to make is simple for the market place. We are not in the "overwhelm" business ... we are in the "education" business and that is what we do ... all day ... every day! It is as simple as A to B ... over and over and over again. "It is like digging to China ... you pick your head up and you are there"!



King of referral


I have been in three industries in my life and I have never seen anything like we have in the insurance industry. Referral after referral after referral! Why? The answer has to be "we do a great job" and our clients want to "turn others on" to us. Around here we average two referrals per day. This may not sound like much, but it adds approximately $10,000 in additional income per month. The business takes on a "life of its own" as your clients want to in their own way, "take credit for finding you"! We all want to help the people we know given the chance ... YOU are one more way your clients get to do this.



Manage Expectations


Our school and its faculty teach many subjects in many areas and one of them is "how to manage and exceed" people’s expectations. I feel over delivering is very important. We want to "impress" the market place at every "turn", and this is an area where we MUST always shine. So, we use what I call the "soothsayer" effect as we can "predict" the outcome an in many instances "read the prospects mind". What does this do for our business? Build trust and create more business!



One Constant is Change


There is a reason successful people grow to be this way and remain over years and decades. They embrace change rather than "shy" away or "fear" it! That is what I teach and preach! There is always going to be "change" and staying on the "cutting edge" and "using" this change as an opportunity to once again separate us from the rest is who you want to be, and who we are!



Rule of Three


We focus on how to create "value" for the market-place. The market is trained to "lump" all family members on one application. This is the wrong way to "prescribe". We have "rules of thumb" we follow that not only saves our prospects allot of premium dollars, BUT creates "trust" at the point of sale. So, while our competition operates one way, we operate and "beat to a different drummer" which once again separates us from the market-place and creates additional revenue for us, and value for our clients.



The $100 Mistake


We take great joy in educating the market-place. It is so simple and common for the market-place to spend an additional $100 per month in the individual market. This accounts to an additional $40,000 plus over the prospects lifetime. We use this $100 mistake in all areas of the business, and we find that the market-place "understands" this and all of our simple mathematical formulas.



Three Months of Savings


We have many "tricks of the trade" and one of them is how we can offer prospective clients three months of premium savings immediately. This and many of the techniques we use help separate us from the "pack."