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Rene C.

Hello everyone, I just sold my first STM.  a male, 32 years old.  Monthly premium apprx.$145.  The process was relatively easy.  Just make sure all names match.  I have sent the link to 2 other people who are also interested.  A family of four and a woman 50.  Thanks to all of you for your tremendous help and encouragement.
Best Regards, Rene

Hey Andy, I wanted to tell you about a case I have been working on since last week.  I sold two health insurance policies to a couple (he's 43, she's 40)  to keep things affordable we went with a high deductible.  They were worried about their out of pocket exposure so we also went with Assurant's accident insurance ($22 per month) and an Assurity critical illness plan ($34 per month for $25,000 or $60 for $50,000)  They now have all their bases covered.  I offered to review their life insurance needs and they jumped at the opportunity because they felt under-insured.  They have one policy for $250,000 and were paying $74 per month.  I got them each $500, 000 for less than what he is paying now for his single policy ($500,000 for about $68 for him and $500,000 for about $35 for her.)  Your idea of cross-selling is pure genius.  Your pipeline approach is wonderful, people seem to feel better when you can save them money on health and provide low cost alternatives. We do not "pressure", we just "educate" for a living.  This is the way to go for me.  Thank you for all the ongoing training and support.
Your Friend, Rene C
P.S.  How about those "fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Got another one! Family of four for $320! They are very happy with the coverage and the savings!
Rene  C

You are an excellent teacher...thanks for all you are doing
Rene C

Hi Andy, I launched live on Monday, and I wanted to tell you that I have sold one family plan for $627 and that lead also wants me to do a whole life policy for dad and term life for mom.  I am also working on a family of 4 and one employee, but she is still thinking about keeping her Aetna policy.  It has been interesting because I have had to basically translate all our key points into Spanish, which has been a great experience.  Thanks for all your wonderful help and advice.  None of this would have been possible without you and your staff. 
Sincerely, Rene C.
Hey Andy, I just wanted to let you know that after 3 full weeks I have submitted $31,000 dollars of life insurance business and one annuity for $50,000, which means that I have made about $19,000 in commissions for January.
Best Regards
Rene C.