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Liz V.

 Andy, I am another Andy, I am writing applications like crazy!!  I am turning into another Andy Ross.

I have talked to a few people about what I am doing and I would love to refer them to you. Sales / Helping people getting to a better place is my business. I have really prayed about finding something that I would have the passion for and God has answered my prayers.  I know you are passionate about it about your school.
You are inspiring and a gift.  When you said that you would rather do what was right and be good to the client then make $. You confirmed to me that I came to the right man for training.

My money pad is growing!

Thank you for all your support. You are a very wonderful person and businessman. Everytime I speak to you I get amazed how your integrity, honor is never under fault. You make me happy that I am working with such an outstanding guy. I know why I bought into YOU (The pajama man) ...  because you are EXCELLENT and speak with conviction, and are so passionate. I am soooo excited not just for myself but for everyone. I know 2008 is going to be a record year for us all.

One thing that I think it very important for everyone to know. "Believe in Yourself First". They can either say I will do it or I am going to do it. I KNOW WE ALL WILL SUCCEED BECAUSE OF YOUR TEACHING.


Bob S.

Hi Paul,
I did have the opportunity to speak with Lawanda and she did indeed confirm that Andy is her # 1 broker amongst the 300 or so that she handles. She couldn't speak in terms of the whole company but she was very complimentary about Andy. Thanks for letting me have some conversation with her as it was very helpful.

Tony W

The Call One Transfer is going well - I made 8 appointments this week.  I should write some more business this next week.  Thanks.  Tony W.

Rex O.

Hey Andy,
I just wanted to drop you this note to let you know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated training thus far. In the beginning I was a little skeptical and somewhat apprehensive not knowing exactly what to expect. I was also concerned regarding the tuition I paid......would I get value for the money spent. Sometimes you wonder if people are more concerned about the dollar rather than the person.
However, I can can tell you without question I have been pleasantly surprised and honestly overwhelmed with the personal interest you have shown in me. I know you are genuinely interested in my success. In fact, it appears that my success is your success. Andy you definately have a natural ability to motivate and inspire others. I have appreciated your positive feedback and constant reassurance. You have instilled a confidence in me that I now know I will be a "Super Star" in this business. With your system it's a slam dunk.
Keep up the good work, and thank you for everything you have done thus far.... Rex O.

Bruce H.
Bruce HigtonAndy,
I am very excited about building a business with you.
Phillip B.

Hello Andy:
I believe that you have a great program for teaching your students the "How to" for the health insurance industry.
Thank You.
I enjoy your class very much. You are a great teacher and your vast array of knowledge astounds me.I'll be able to make every class this week except for Wednesday, I think. I'm hoping to be up and running by July.

Leslie C.

I enjoyed the call this evening.

Reggie D.

 Andy, Thank you so much for all of your support. Reggie D.


Tony H.
I just turned on the system and within minutes and wrote my first deal. At first she wanted information about quotes for her son, I made her feel comfortable and educated her about insurance and now she wants insurance for herself also. She loved the fact that I could shop around for the BEST DEAL with all the carriers.
Thanks again for everything. I am going to write a ton of applications!

Steve & Alex

Thanks for being an inspiration to Alex and myself.  I wrote this reference guide over Christmas to myself to help me maintain proper 'thinking' in life and business.  Thought you might like it.

Bob P.

Your present format is great, because it provides for a daily class for students while giving you time to service your health insurance customers and deal with new ones.  In addition to that, you are available for every student "one on one" and the online audio library continues to grow.  Who could ask for more.  Bob P.




Ted B.

Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed my first class! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be involved with you. I have to admit though, I do feel like I am way behind if the students are already taking their tests, but I will catch up. Thanks again. Talk to tomorrow night.

I LOVE getting responses from you because it always lets me see the light.

You are amazing and at your best today!  I took 2 pages of notes and gearing up for my “kick-off” soon.  Enjoy your well-earned weekend and some great football too.

You would have made a great Football Coach too!!!
Ted B.


Becky R.

Thanks for your help.  I appreciate it. Also, really enjoyed the class tonight. 
Hi Andy:
Finally home from the snowy northeast. Driving in snow last nite and did not get to call in. Will be working on scheduling exam this week and getting appt pkgs from the carriers. Finally got my letter from the insurance school so I can sit for the exam. Thanks for all you do.

Gordon P.

You are a great coach.

Keith H.

Great call tonight!

Carol M.

Dear Andy,
I had a dream last night that I was making money from my home sales very easily.  The $$$ were flowing in.....!!!!! Interesting! Your smoothness and your precision continues to astound me!  I know that you ended up forwarding the one younger gentleman an application. Did you email him as well? Did you email the other lead? Just curious. Thanks Andy for sharing your wealth and your knowledge. Yes, I will look forward to writing that app in 5 minutes! Have a great weekend!

Alan K.

I came into this program with a lot of skepticism. After listening to the audio sessions for only two days all that skepticism has been eliminated.  Clearly your passion and energy level is what makes this program so great.  You've managed to create this informative, exciting, and relaxed learning environment without ever making me feel bored or overwhelmed. Once one audio session has been completed I can't wait to begin the next one.
I'm starting with the live sessions this week and I can't wait.
Really great call tonight.  I was on my cell driving and I'm glad I called in.

Joe C.
joe c..jpg
Dan T.

I want to thank you for being so pro-active with me. You said you would be with me every step of the way and you have been more then that.  The mentoring has been very strong and has helped me grow temendously. I have been mentored by a lot of people, and you have been the best. You are solid in all areas ... there are no weaknesses with you and the program. 
I have the confidence that I will be everything you have told me I can be. I enjoyed meeting with you one on one at your home. Thanks again for everything.

Stan F.

Wow, I saw your health insurance web site just now.  Very impressive!  There are so many crappy looking websites out there.  Yours is clean and easy to navigate.  I can hardly sleep I’m so excited about this. Thanks for being real.  Any doubts I had about the legitimacy of this opportunity are gone.
Great session tonight.  I'm living and breathing this stuff.

Just a heads up.  I will not be on the call tonight.  I’m bummed I have to miss class. I Love ‘em.
Will listen tomorrow.
Amit J.
Hello Andy:
First of all I want to thank you for welcoming me into the group. I have been listening to the recordings from PJM library and enjoying your style of tutoring.

You are not only the best coach you are a wonderful human being.
Bryon B.


I see the students like Steve, Nancy, Brian, etc., doing very well. I listened in on all 4 days this week (2 hours per night) and am liking what I am hearing. Very Nice Job Andy. Now I am understanding why everyone needs us as educators out there.

Len I.

My first week in the Pajama Man School, has been very inspirational and filled with tons of great info. I've been quietly learning alot this week in trainings and absorbing buckets of information. I'm really pumped to make my business grow! You're the real deal and a great mentor! I've been in the library studying section 15 & 13, and listening to the audios all this past week. I'm ready to get out the gate this week and start making some serious money by helping and being of service to loads of people!

Greetings Andy,
Your TOD's are awesome. Len

Phil C.


I have submitted another Life Insurance application! Phil

ANDY, You're correct... PJM is definitely worth it, and its worth everything to work for. Thanks for your  inspiration card and your thought. Something as simple as this card (especially time like this) will be an inspiration for me every morning until I am there...! To learn a trade that can help other people with their live is what PJM is all about, to me... just the thought of this is very satisfying, but the kicker is, the financial backend reward is second to none. Again, thank you for allowing me to work with the best...

I just came on-line 5 minutes before you call the lady... really great session.

There are not too many people out there… Who have a real heart to want to help others. But ANDY you do… Not only that it is real, but also it is a very genuine…..I sincerely believe you are one of the best…
My Hats off to you ... Phil C.  


Love this stuff, keep it going!!!!!!!! Phil C

Robin C.
Just wanted to send a quick thank you and tell you how pleased I am with this program.  Robin C.
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